Rich Dennis: Philanthropy as a Business Model

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About Richelieu Dennis

The owner of Business Business Empire Essence Ventures, who promised to resign as executive director of Essence magazine after being a terrible boss during a racial confrontation last year, does not indicate his power so quietly – and the black influencers are torn.

Richelieu Dennis – Investments

During the summer of 2020, Medium published an article with overwhelming allegations against the petrol owner, Richelieu Dennis. Under the pseudonym “Black Woman Anonymous”, the staff of the petrol magazine asked for the resignation of Dennis – as well as other leadership changes – after having declared that women were “systematically oppressed by the inequality of wages, sexual harassment , intimidation of businesses, intimidation, colorism and classification. “And was” diverted by cultural greed and companies and free power abuses “by the company. Employees accused the leaders of an ironic turn of events: a publication intended to empower black women rather to mistreat the women who worked for this.

Richelieu Dennis’s buyers, suppliers

A new CEO has been appointed for Essence Magazine, and the company, which has several Richelieu Dennis. Other organizations such as the Afropunk Festival and Hair Care Company Curly, promised that Dennis would take a step back. But this month, it’s back.

Sherea Delsol, a black youtube designer who focuses on the content of natural hair, told Daily Beast that she will not participate in Beautycon now that Essence and Dennis are at the helm. Even with your apologies,still have trauma and consequences. I don’t even know if there are serious enough excuses to repair it. ”

In an average article entitled “The truth about essence”, anonymous employees allegedly Richelieu Dennis. alleged that Dennis had slept with his employees and harassed those who rejected his advances. They also alleged that he “had tried to bring employees and entrepreneurs to sign non-disclosure agreements” to protect themselves and family members who have held management positions at Essence.