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most comfortable mattress

Introduction to best Mattress of 2021


A large filled rectangular pad placed on the floor or on the frame which helps in providing comfort to the relaxing body framed to be utilized as a part of the bed or the frame. Mattress contains straw, or a framework of metal springs, foam rubber, cotton, hair, water or air. Zoma are one among the firms who are into mattress business trying to attract new customers with wide variety of mattress.

Mattresses are generally placed on the bed base top. Divans have inner spring and cushioning layers. Divans will be supplied with secondary mattress or a removable topper. Mattresses are usually filled with natural fibers called Kapok which is general mattress stuff in south East Asian countries.

Size:  Mattress comes in different varieties and sizes and the customers can choose the best mattress that suits them based on the comfort zone and affordability from the companies selling mattress including Zoma.  Standard bed sizes are based on standard mattress sizes which differ from country to country. Bed sizes also differ according to the size of the bed frame. Due to manufacturing defects two mattress of the same sizes also will have differences in dimensions, support type and amount of padding.

most comfortable mattress

In the ancient days mattress are filled with natural substance such as horse hair, feathers and straw. best bed contains inner spring or viscoelastic and polyurethane materials foams. Today hybrid beds are gaining attention apart from inner spring mattress.

Construction:  Wrapped in a thick ticking fabric, the mattress comprises of the comfort layer and support layer. Support layer covers the mattress and provides comfort and cushioning.  The upholstery layer comprises of the quilt, the middle upholstery and the insulator.

Quality:  Many factors determine the quality of the mattress. Pressure distribution, skin microclimate, edge support and hygiene  and long term stability is done through laboratory tests.  Mattress are recommended based on the way a person sleep.  Firm mattress are recommended for stomach and back sleepers. Soft mattress are recommended for side sleepers and many of the back sleepers are advised to sleep on medium mattress. Double mattress are available with softer and firmer part with adjustable firmness levels to accommodate sleepers with different preferences who share a bed.

Life Span: Mattress degrade over time and the life span of the mattress depends on the quality of the material used and manufacturing quality and the care shown on the maintenance of the mattress.  A low quality comfort layer can degrade within one year and the quality latex core can last for longer durations.

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