Who is Benjamin M. Friedman and what does he do?

Ben Friedman Toronto

Do you also have an interest in the economic issues of your country? Do you also want to know who’s a famous macroeconomist in Canada? We help you to answer all these questions. A country’s economic activities and other factors are studied by economists, and they point out different domains where the country is lacking. They study factors like monetary policy, national income, fiscal policy, market trends, and other things and help to understand how it affects the world’s market. Whenever you search for the best macroeconomist in Canada, Ben Friedman Toronto comes at the top of the list. During one of the recent interviews with economic times, he mentioned different issues related to economic growth and the problem of inequality.

Career highlights of Benjamin M. Friedman

Benjamin M. Friedman is a political economy professor at Harvard University. He also worked as a chairman at the department of economics at Harvard University. He wrote many books, including the moral consequences of economic growth, day of reckoning, and many more. In addition to this, he also wrote more than one hundred and fifty articles on different economic topics for 30 years.

Ben Friedman Toronto

He also critically reviewed the government policies of the US for New York reviews of books. He also has A.M. and PH.D. degrees in economics. During 1966-68 he was a Marshall scholar at Cambridge University, and he also did his MSc in economics and politics in 1970. Professor Friedman has also worked with reputed organizations like the Federal reserve bank of New York as a research assistant, and as a staff consultant at the federal reserve bank of Boston. In his lifetime, professor Frieman wrote different books and articles, and he devoted his life to economics. His books and articles contributed a lot to economics.

Economists and economic policymakers

Ben Friedman Toronto

Economists study the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. They look for ways to improve people’s lives by ensuring that everyone has access to food, shelter, clothing, and other fundamental needs. Economists also study how peoples’ decisions affect each other in the marketplace, and professor Ben Friedman Toronto has explained it better. That is why they are also called economic policymakers. Here are five essential facts about economists and financial policymakers.


Economics is a trendy topic these days. This is mainly due to the state of the economy, which many people are concerned about. One of the most critical groups in economics is economists and economic policymakers. 


Economists are people who study economic problems, prepare reports on them, or provide advice for solving these problems. Monetary policymakers are people who have influence over how national economies function. That’s why they make decisions about what should be done to encourage growth, reduce unemployment, control inflation, etc. 


Here are five facts about economists and economic policymakers that will make you look like an expert next time you discuss the economy with someone. 


Economics and policy are the same things. They both focus on the economy and help solve problems in the economy. The difference is that economists are people who study these problems and provide advice for solving them. 


Most economists are also policymakers. This means that most economists influence how national economies function. That’s why they make decisions about what should be done to encourage growth, reduce unemployment, control inflation, etc. 

Ben Friedman Toronto


 The types of economics that economists study include macroeconomics, microeconomics, international economics, public finance, industrial organization economics, etc. These all focus on different aspects of the economy. For example, macroeconomics studies how economies function at a large scale. Microeconomics studies how economies work at a small scale (such as households). International economics studies how trade influences economic growth. Industrial organization economics studies how competition influences economic growth. Public finance studies how government spending affects economic growth. 


 Economists are involved in many different fields of study. Some of these include: 


1) The study of how economies operate.


2) The study of how government policies affect economic growth.


3) The study of how to improve markets’ efficiency, fairness, and effectiveness. 


4) The study of the division between labor and capital (i.e., the labor market


5) The study of how workers are affected by changes in technology.


6) The study of how international trade affects economic growth. This includes analyzing and predicting trade flows, trade policy, and global investment.


7) The analysis and prediction that government spending affects economic growth.


8) The analysis and prediction that inflation affects economic growth.


9) The analysis and prediction that interest rates affect economic growth.


Smart Circle

People are going frenzy over the number of brands introduced in the market over the same product. Human resources management is slightly declined over providing the traditional items in order to attack the soft spot of their audience in terms of formulating beverages, food items, using ancient herbs for healthcare products and even commercials that depict those good old days.

It is about how well they blend in the cultural memories so that public can reminisce and choose without hesitation. Sometimes that strategy doesn’t work for several start-ups due to factors like quality, improper brand name and poorly executed distribution. At Smart Circle firm, they aid the framework by providing a panel of experts to the internal team of HR.

Vital services that have been mandatory and which are given to every client are,

  • Providing the framework for competency model that includes proficiency standards and skill requirements.
  • Human resource methodology and training
  • Guide and comply every aspect
  • Quality check of every item through regular audit
  • Counselling for effective leadership
  • Development of new strategies
  • Harness the abilities from employee profile
  • Procuring goods from foreign supplier and working the entire process
  • Considering the gem assets
  • Manage cumbersome issues in the HR department
  • Bringing fruitful change to the sector through required transformation
  • Provide knowledgeable personnel

How are brand promotion and HRM related?

The modes through which and by whom the promotion is done matters tremendously as it is the team of HR who assigns this task. Customer engagement and relations can be quite in jeopardy if these two don’t work in sync.

Through consumerization, a firm can imply crystal clear message of their vision, mission and services. Modes like social media and creative content play a major role as keeping up with the cutting-edge technology is a must. Strong vocals with accurate management of promotion leads to a successful sale of any product.

Smart Circle

There are different ways like unique campaigning, in-person virtual meets and cloud computing programs as well to establish a stout connection with the former, current and upcoming employees along with consumers.


If appropriate officials aren’t posted to their skilled positions, then even marketing can go wrong. So for an  entire HR team to function constructively, Smart circle team would provide best practice which will enhance the overall performance of the company as well as bring their brand name in limelight.

Want to deal with the opportunities in your business?

Smart Circle

The incremental changes should be identified if you want to deal with the opportunities in your business. The personalized content is delivered to the users to focus on the entire lifecycle. If you want to get more connective and interactive then you can deal with the opportunities in your Smart Circle business. You can try to deal with the global supply chain if you have the required skills.

  • The challenges in digital marketing technology are considered to be beneficial for many individuals.
  • You can proceed to enter into the new marketplace to deal with the business goals.
  • The personalized content is created so there will be many benefits for the users.
  • If you want to focus on the global supply chain then you should have the required skills.
  • The services which are offered by the professionals are useful to take your business to the next level.

Improve standards of your business:

The enterprise clients are very much interested to participate in the marketing campaigns. You can ensure to identify the prospects in your business if you have the required skills. The personalized content is delivered to the users if they want to improve the standards of their Smart Circle business. If you want to focus on the entire selling lifecycle then you can approach our team. The best guidance is offered to the users if they want to deal with the global supply chain.

Smart Circle

Use the digital marketing strategies:

The challenges in digital marketing techniques are useful for many users to focus on their business. You can proceed to move into a new marketplace with the help of digital marketing services. Flexible marketing strategies are considered to be very useful to drive profits for your business. The experts are always available to enhance the digital transformation for your business.

The Ultimate Public Relations Expert and Enthusiast!

Ronn Torossian PR

You might have an organization, entity, a brand, or a compy with whom you may also be tied up, which requires your best performance at all times to work and function. Applying the right tactics and making the right choices of strategies at the same time, is the key value that makes handling and gaining profits more effortlessly for that entity.

Therefore, your company or organization can have a plethora of different strategies to market their approach amidst potential clients and customers that are loyal to the brand or entity they possess but it will never be enough to make the company reach the highest peaks amidst your competitors.

Other strategies that require the employees of an organization or entity to gain the customer’s and the partner’s trust are also required and it is equally essential to marketing your company. This practice has a specific way to be done and is also handled by professionals who hold expertise in this field of work.

What are public relations? How is Ron Torossian the leading Professional in this field?

Ron Torossian PR is an expert who has found his own company and owns an entity that specializes in maintaining public relations and helps the bigger brands and other bigger companies by assisting them in this field. Leading the largest independent PR firm who is the leading one in the entire US market, his organization has reached and achieved various platforms that still many budding companies aspire of.

The practice of filling the gap between the customers and the brand equity by building a trust bridge is known as maintaining public relations. This term has a very deeper meaning once an individual has begun to explore it and PR i.e public relations practices are done in almost every field of work and not just in the business or corporate field of work.

Having the right professional who is exceptionally good at maintaining PR helps to gain the overall company’s reputation and credibility in the entire market.

Various academic and educational courses are available to make the individuals known and be clearer about what PR is but the education itself will never be enough because to build a PR the individuals will need to be more enthusiastic about it and need to have the essential vibe to make the customer believe that they care about their choices and opinions more than just keeping it strictly work-related.

Ronn Torossian PR

Ronn Torossian PR specializes in various aspects that reflect technologies and advancements of today’s date. They have also recently condoned marketplace for NFT i.e Non Fungible Tokens fo NFT collateralized Loans because the need and urgency of cryptocurrencies are constantly rising to this date.

His organization has also expanded consumer measurement and analytical task force for better functionality in this process. With ties in bigger countries and expanding in countries such as Israel, this independent PR firm is making its presence evident constantly in today’s date.

All You Need To Know About, Ronn Torossian Pr

Ronn Torossian PR

Ronn Torossian is the President and CEO of 5WPR. Since establishing 5WPR, he has driven the organization’s development, managing more than 200 experts in the organization’s base camp in midtown Manhattan. He is an honor-winning, top 20 free US PR organization. A business visionary, as a Ronn Torossian PR firm CEO, Ronn has broad involvement with all parts of advertising, promoting and notoriety the board, having driven tasks for fortune 500 organizations and new businesses, government offices, educational foundations, corporate chiefs, lawmakers, non-benefits, and lights in the business, amusement and media universes.

Awards And Achievements

Ronn is a double-cross champ of the Public Relations Executive of the Year by the American Business Awards and a semi-finalist for Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year. He is broadly perceived as one of the most all-around regarded Public Relations experts in the business. A regarded master and powerhouse in showcasing and advertising, he routinely offers his bits of knowledge in the media, remembering appearances for CNBC, Bloomberg, “The Today Show,” and Fox News.

He has been included in Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. His top-rated book, “For Immediate Release: Shape Minds, Build Brands and Deliver Results with Game-Changing Public Relations,” is an absolute necessity read for advertisers and PR experts the same, just as required perusing for media and promoting understudies at schools and colleges.

Ronn Torossian PR

Winding Up

He has seen colossal development in the previous year, seeing record development and opening an office in Denver.Ronn Torossian PR is zeroing in on the future and continually modernizing our methodology and adjusting to the progressions among us, so we can encounter proceeded with accomplishment in the years to come. He thinks more youthful, and the fresher methodology has demonstrated to be incredibly fruitful. To develop business unpredictably, how imagined would be fruitful, not how every other person in the business was doing it, is exceptionally fulfilling.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Food and Beverage Brands – Know Your Plan

developing a business

If you are developing food & beverage brand, probably you have heard of SEO, SEM & even social media marketing. However, do you have any idea what happens if they work all together for creating the integrated digital strategy to develop your brand?

If you are not using digital branding today, you are actually missing out on some important tools, which can increase your brand awareness, distribution, visibility, and much more. Not very sure what this plan will look like? You must check out Talking Rain CEO and know about his basic digital marketing plan for emerging beverage brands.

Looking for your checklist? Get a little idea of the digital marketing strategies that will help to develop your food & beverage brands. Thus how will your brand include social media in your strategy?

  • Place the product in some popular contexts: Whether it is reinventing recipes to focusing the health & environmental benefits of the production process, make posts and campaigns including your product in relevant discussions with your target visitors.
  • Quality photography: One of the studies found out that there is the strong connection between number of pictures on GMB & search performance. You need to know that businesses with higher photos will get higher search or maps views. They will appear in direct & discovery searches. These photos can get posted by the staff or customers.
  • Encourage the user-generated content: You need to encourage your audience or followers to tell their experiences with food and beverage products through photos, reviews and other ways. This encourages the stream of content, builds brand relationship as well as makes it very interesting for the potential consumers.
  • Take benefit of evolving social ads: Make use of the sophisticated targeting algorithms & innovative formats that will optimize spending & attract qualified leads in sales funnel.

developing a business

Create Distribution Strategy

Decide the primary role of the location in marketing strategy. Location must reflect place where product will be manufactured, place it’s stored and distributed. All these elements, whereas they may appear tedious, play an important role in marketing professional’s campaign, as the marketing professional should consider moving their product from a particular location to another and how much it will cost your company.

Final Words

Local SEO for food business is an amazing practice that will increase instant search visibility in the regional areas. It’s the best way you can build the internet presence and attract higher customers from the relevant local searches.

Want to know about the talents and skills of David Milberg

David Milberg's talents make him reach his target

Beyond to the gardening of great success within the financial world David Milberg is found to be multi-talented individual with the huge number of skills and business success. He is the eminent person who has the talented and experience in the field of performing the arts and theatre shows also David supports the original and new music theatre with the host of Broadway producer which is an additional credit to his career achievements.

  • At initial stage David Milberg began his career in the finance and banking sector and immediately completing his graduation he settled into the banking job at the banker’s trust company as an analyst designation.
  • The main work of his position is to handle the loan sales and the syndication departments here he has made huge number of bank loan sales and this created an impact for his promotion in the field of banking.

About his education 

Factors followed by the David Milberg during his banking career

Even though achieving the best place in career the David Milberg even worked hard to achieve the concrete goals set by him. In which he worked for the huge amount of investment firm for about four and half years and then he immediately started his own Milberg factors, Inc. in the late 1995. David father Leonard remained to the influential person in encouraging the David to start the commercial firm.

In this modern commercial firm David Milberg introduced his modernized ideas to make the commercial firm to be best and unique one in the world. Also David Milberg made his decision in right and perfect way to make his commercial firm popular and this game changing decision attracted huge number high-profile clients and customers to visited his company to hire their business service and this resulted with huge profits.

Married to work? Contemplate these costs!

strike a good work-life balance

When you are spending a lot of time working, your job and your personal life may be negatively implicated.

Creating work-life equilibrium is an endless procedure as your work life, family, and interests change. Occasionally assess your prerogatives and make modifications, if essential — to ensure you are on a track like David Milberg.

Contemplate the effects of poor work-life equilibrium:


If you are exhausted, your capacity to function productively and understand clearly may suffer — it can take a loss on your adept reputation or hint to risky or expensive blunders.

Poor health

Pressure can exacerbate symptoms of numerous medical ailments and leave you at threat of substance abuse.

Missing time with loved ones and friends

When you are working a lot, you may miss critical family occasions or landmarks. This may make you feel left out and may damage your affairs.

strike a good work-life balance

Strike a promising work-life balance

When you are working, maneuvering the pressures of your job and personal life may perhaps be a persistent challenge. However, by establishing boundaries and looking after yourself, you may obtain the work-life harmony that’s favorable for you.

Establishing boundaries 

When you don’t establish boundaries, work may put you with zero time for the activities and relationships you enjoy. Assess these protocols. 

Manage time

Get yourself adequate time to do things. Don’t over-schedule. Know to tell “no.” Assess your preferences at your job and your home and strive to lessen your to-do schedule. Chop or assign actions you don’t like or can’t deal with — or share your solutions and concerns with your boss or others. If you quit approving assignments out of remorse or an untrue sense of commitment, you will have additional time for actions that are critical to you.

Detach from your job

Functioning from home or continually employing technology to engage in work if you are at the house can result in you believing you’re constantly on the duty. This can oversee chronic strain. Seek advice from your supervisor about goals for if you can detach. When you operate from home, wear clothes for your job and keep a peaceful earnest workspace, if feasible. When you’re finished working every day, transition to your home life, change your clothing, take a drive or go walking, or do a pastime with your children.

Consider your alternatives

Ask your manager about flexible hours, a consolidated workweek, duty sharing, and other scheduling flexibility. The better management you have of your work hours, the slightly pressed you are inclined to be.

How To Land a Career in Finance

David Milberg

The competitive spirit of the finance employment market suggests that you focus your studies ahead, gain familiarity with internships, and glean proficiency by pursuing the economic press, which will encourage you to keep up at the top of them, like David Milberg.  For entry-level roles, interviewers may not require candidates to understand the details of the patronage; many organizations have training and orientation projects that teach fresh recruits the particulars, anyway. Nevertheless, the more ground knowledge you possess, the better.

Learn To Talk The Talk

Another incredible means to prepare for a career in finance is to bring about browsing financial information as the basis of your normal pattern. Get a subscription (digital or physical) to maybe The Wall Street Journal or The Financial Times and browse it each day. There are journals such as The Economist (great for a global sense of view) or Bloomberg BusinessWeek. They will enable you to expand your proficiency too. As a beginner, you can perhaps get subscriptions at discounts.

David Milberg

Engaging yourself in economic literature may enable you to get familiar with the margins and terms of Wall Street. This is the greatest obstacle to pass over. Do you understand what EBITDA, MBS, BPS, and CDS mean or what federal discount percentage means? Regularly browsing the financial information throughout the university will enable you to familiarize yourself with the basics in the expected duration. Also if you are exploring this terminology in your lessons, browsing about real-world economics will benefit you to establish that proficiency and get more habitable communicating it and the subjects and themes of interest to it (invariably reasonable to do at an interview).

A few other means of attaining financial proficiency comprise reading investment publications, from fundamental to avant-garde subjects, and guides and tutorials from financial sites (the point that you are going over this substantiates you are on the favorable track). Deal with acquiring a financial vocabulary is the same as acquiring a foreign dialect or language.

Start Garnering Credentials

A lot of applicants may retain high degrees and GPAs from good colleges and would have committed to the stuff listed over. How could you go over and beyond to distinguish yourself otherwise?

Financial consultants realize the quantity of duration and commitment that the agenda includes. Succeeding in an undergraduate assignment having upheld the initial exam will certainly give you an edge above other job aspirants.