Working of bitcoin transactions

Working of bitcoin transactions

If you have a bitcoin wallet then you should be aware of using the wallet for transactions. In any bitcoin transaction, there are 3 prime variables and they are amount, output, and input. Input is the address from where you intend to send money and output is the one that will get the funds according to the bitcoin price chart. There can be multiple input addresses for a wallet and also you can send money to multiple outputs. Every transaction has a portion of data storage also which is a kind of note to record the data immutably to the bitcoin.

A bitcoin transaction is unique because if you are starting a transaction that is of less worth than the total amount present in your input then you will not change back in your original output but via a third address that is completely new and remains in your control. This means that your wallet will have multiple addresses and you can use the funds from these different addresses to do future bitcoin transactions.

bitcoin transaction

How does the bitcoin transaction happen?

So now you know about storing and buying bitcoins and you know private and public keys also. These will be required for making a transaction. For doing this you will need your private key, then you should enter the amount and output address in the software of bitcoin on your smartphone or computer. The program will create a signature using the private key to validate the transaction. The network will validate the details of your transfer and the amount in your wallet. If your provided private key is corresponding to the public key then your transaction will be confirmed.

The transaction details would be now attached to the previous block of blockchain in the form of a block. There is a transaction hash which is a 64 character string that is a unique combination of random numbers and letters for any transaction.

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