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Who is Benjamin M. Friedman and what does he do?

Do you also have an interest in the economic issues of your country? Do you also want to know who’s a famous macroeconomist in Canada? We help you to answer all these questions. A country’s economic activities and other factors are studied by economists, and they point out different domains where the country is lacking. They study factors like monetary policy, national income, fiscal policy, market trends, and other things and help to understand how it affects the world’s market. Whenever you search for the best macroeconomist in Canada, Ben Friedman Toronto comes at the top of the list. During one of the recent interviews with economic times, he mentioned different issues related to economic growth and the problem of inequality.

Career highlights of Benjamin M. Friedman

Benjamin M. Friedman is a political economy professor at Harvard University. He also worked as a chairman at the department of economics at Harvard University. He wrote many books, including the moral consequences of economic growth, day of reckoning, and many more. In addition to this, he also wrote more than one hundred and fifty articles on different economic topics for 30 years.

Ben Friedman Toronto

He also critically reviewed the government policies of the US for New York reviews of books. He also has A.M. and PH.D. degrees in economics. During 1966-68 he was a Marshall scholar at Cambridge University, and he also did his MSc in economics and politics in 1970. Professor Friedman has also worked with reputed organizations like the Federal reserve bank of New York as a research assistant, and as a staff consultant at the federal reserve bank of Boston. In his lifetime, professor Frieman wrote different books and articles, and he devoted his life to economics. His books and articles contributed a lot to economics.

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