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The Trending Use Of Eyelash Extension Kit

Eyelash Extensions are applied to an individual’s natural lashes by professionals or a lash artist in salons. They are applied only to the top lash line and not the bottom part. A wide variety of extension kits are available in which the lashes can be applied individually, as well as in clusters. A perfect eyelash extension kit includes an eyelash comb, cotton swabs, gasket, tape, false eyelashes, and grafting ring.

Factors to be considered while choosing an eyelash extension kit:

  • The eye color
  • Any allergies and sensitivities a person may have
  • Eye size- small, in-between, or large
  • The Orientation of the eye
  • Eye shape
  • Qualities of the natural eyelashes (length, color, volume)
  • Preferences- natural, dramatic, glamorous

Varieties of Eyelash Extensions available:

Some extensions can be made up of animal fur. These include-

lash extensions kit

  • Sable Lash Extension- 

It is the lightest material for the extension to provide the finest lashes.

  • Mink Lash Extension-

It is the most desirable premium fur available. It is fluffy as well as weighs less. Mink is expensive.

  • Fox Lash Extension-

They are trending in the present time and give a natural look. They have a reddish tone and are soft as well.

Some extensions are man-made which includes:

  • Silk Lash Extension-

This is a kind of uncomfortable option since they are heavier than others. Thus, one can use it on special occasions.

  • Synthetic Lash Extension-

They are the heaviest extensions for eyelids. Also, they provide the least natural look in the eyes.

 We can find eyelash extension kit with different thickness (diameter) and lengths. They cause no damage to the health of the natural lashes if applied properly.

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