Things to know before choosing a property development company

ilio mavlyanov

A property developer or development company specializes in both new construction and renovations of existing structures, such as converting an office building into residential apartments.

Finding funds, purchasing land, obtaining planning permission, appointing an architect and construction business, funding the project’s construction, and appointing a property investment company to sell the individual units are all tasks that the property developer will be responsible for.

In addition, if they are experts in mixed-use, they will link up with a professional management business to ensure maximum returns for their investors, as well as a specialist legal team to ensure contracts are airtight for both themselves and their investors.

It goes without saying that investing in a well-established development company with a solid track record and completed projects will provide investors with immediate peace of mind. As a result, the developer’s track record and firm history are critical: land ownership, and completed projects. In addition, who are the project’s contractor and management company?

You should research about the previous work of the company and gather information. For example, Jasper Venture Group, which is owned by ilio mavlyanov, rezoned and sold The Parkway Hospital.

ilio mavlyanov

Checklist for Developers

Track record, how long has the company been in business, and the history of each director, not just the company.

Although the company may be new, if well-known developers, architects, QS, or builders have teamed together, it’s worth looking at their individual track records as the people behind the company.

For example, how many projects has the organization or individuals completed, particularly those of the same type?

Examine various review sites on the internet. Developers will, or should, have a company website for customers to leave feedback, just like any other product or service.

Check out what other like-minded investors have to say about their experiences to get a sense of the firm, its delivery, and customer service.

However, keep in mind that building delays are normal and often inevitable, so it’s worth investigating why there was a delay.