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While running on the treadmill of your life, we recurrently forget to have a taste of it. Life is a vivid picture; it has almost everything similar to a movie if seen from a proper perspective. It has romance, mystery, suspense, satire, suffering, happiness, and ending. Our movie industry impeccably depicts these emotions. aha, OTT is trying to narrow this gap of our reel life experience to real-life by bringing the destination of such sensational dripping movies right before your eyes.

Today we may share a review of the south Indian film ‘Luca.’ It’s a Malayalam film with a splendid storyline. Before getting to that, we must remember the Malayalam Film sector’s efforts in its improvement. Some of the commendable mentions include ‘Joseph,’ ‘Traffic,’ and ‘Take off,’ and ‘Drishyam,’ which has a remake in Bollywood with a significant cast of Ajay Devgan. Marvelous fundamental about Malayalam films is it has a strong structure of jaw gripping movie plot.

The movie commences with the introduction of Luca (Tovino Thomas), who is a charismatic artist; he creates magic out of crap. He coincidently met Niharika and introduces her to his house. She complained about the mess of all the good things she mentioned, but Luca subtly replied that ‘Mess is decorative.’ This incites a spark of emotion between the two of them results in an intense love story that may leave you in dreamland and light you up with a jolt.

This Drama romance thriller revolves around two plots simultaneously. One has the mesmerizing tale of these two stars crossed passengers. Another is an investigation taking place parallel to the story. When these two plots intersect, they leave with many questions that are left to be answered.

As n debuting director Arun Bose flawlessly weaved the story. The color tone and the art direction o by AneesNadodi are remarkable in the movie. Cinematography by Nimish Ravi, which has used quality extreme close-ups, brought out the link between Luca and Niharika.

 Music director Sooraj S Kurup, who has played a vital role in the movie, presents an exciting series of music that adds essence to the romantic saga.

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