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Is your Partner made for you- Compatibility Quiz?

Do you have a crush on someone? Do you want to know whether they are the ones for you before confessing your feelings for them? Want to know if your partner is perfect for you, then take this compatibility quiz.

Uncomplicate Your Relationship

A relationship is like a jig-saw puzzle. Similar pieces cannot go together. Similarly, two seemingly compatible pieces may not sit well with the bigger picture. Hence, finding the right one is the key to a happy life. If you are attracted to a person due to their physique, it might seem all glorious and glamorous initially, but soon the charm will fade. Therefore, it is crucial to know if you share similar interests and does your characters match.

Before taking up the quiz, remember one thing, a perfect relationship is not found. It is something you work on with mutual respect, proper communication, and love. Sometimes, even when your preferences and choices match with your partner’s, they might turn out to be an ignorant person who does not value your presence in their life. And the person who does not share your tastes might turn out to be the one deserving your unconditional love.

What is Compatibility

Before buying a gadget, we check whether it is compatible with our gadgets. When we want to download software, the OS checks whether it is compatible with our hardware. Likewise, when in a relationship or before getting into a relationship, we can check whether our chosen partner is the right one for us. Though there is no standard metric system to measure compatibility, there are several pointers through which we can say where you and your partner are going with this relationship.

  • Decision-making is a discussion and not a piece of information. Your partner values your opinions and is open to suggestions.
  • Your partner respects your need for your space and time and is not threatened by the idea of privacy in the relationship.
  • They support your decisions and point out your mistakes if you do any. Constructive criticism comes only in the best interest. However, constant criticism means a red flag.
  • You trust them with all your secrets, even the dark ones, and they reciprocate the same. Trust is the foundation of a deep relationship.

If the above points are satisfied, you have a relationship to cherish and hold on to it firmly. But, if you find your partner overbearing and you are in self-doubt, then it is time for you to walk out of that relationship. Do not let anyone take you for granted.

Now take the compatibility quiz and find if your partner is made for you.

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