How to Estimate the Cost of the Air Leaks in the Compressor?

All the industries are using compressed air systems to operate theirmachinerysystems efficiently. Whatever the machinery items definitely may encounter the problems associated with the operation. Though there are many issues that arise while operating the compressor air system air leak is one of the major issues that need to concern more to solve. Air leakcauses a few more associated issues in machinery operation like slow down the operation, energy waste, and pressure reduction. All these associated issues will have their own cost and ultimately lead to more costing with respect to operation and money.

The two main elements lead to more cost when air leaks in the compressor. The first one is, compressor size and the second one is air leak size. Technology is also being a part of identifying air leaks. Air leaks can be observed in two ways where the first one is based on the noise production by leaking air. The other one is air leaks without making any noise. The first one will not need any techno help to identify and with the sounds itself can locate the issue and can solve it. But the latter one is needed to implement the techno help since it is being difficult to identify the location. Fine, how much do these air leaks cost to the plants?If the leak is not identified timely and rectified then it will lead to major issues and ultimately will cause plant operation shut down.

If the air leaks can able to hear through the noise it’s generated then The Average Cost of a Compressed Air Leak will fall at least five hundred dollars per year. In case any difficulty is faced in identifying the issues as mentioned earlier need to implement the professional evaluation with the help of technology. The professional will examine the leaks and will inform the cost involved based on the size of the air leaks. This is usually determined by how much air is lost based on the CFM values. Let us see how to calculate the average cost of compressor leaks here.

As said, cubic feet per minute airflow is more important and it usually costs around thirty-five dollars for one shift. This may vary based on the timing of operation and if the compressor operates at all times then the CFM value should be multiplied by the factor by 4.2 to get the right value. How to estimate the CFM. It is a simple process and if leakage noise can hear then it can be taken as one CFM.

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