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Here Are The Multiple Ways To Enjoy Eating Your Cashews

            Cashews are one of the world’s most commonly eaten nuts. This nut is not only filled with vital nutrients and heart-healthy fats, but its delicate taste lends itself well to both savory and sweet dishes. This type of superfoods can be eaten in an infinite variety of ways, whether you are snacking on salted roasted raw cashews between meals or converting raw cashews into a delicious nut butter spread.

What benefits do cashews have on our bodies?

There are other explanations for incorporating cashews into your diet, besides their delicious flavor. Cashew nuts will provide you with the following health benefits when eaten periodically:

  • Preventing gallstones: Cashews help maintain levels of cholesterol, which is vital for the prevention of gallstones.
  • Weight loss aid: Studies show that by increasing satiety, cashews will aid in weight loss, helping you to remain fuller for longer.
  • Bone health support: The cashew nut is high in magnesium and calcium, both of which are vital to preserving healthy bones. Vitamin K, a fat-soluble vitamin that helps balance calcium, is also a comprehensive source of cashews.
  • Keep your skin and hair healthy: Who doesn’t want glowing skin and fantastic hair? Good cashew fats keep the skin moist and hydrated. Cashews are also filled with essential minerals such as copper, which helps encourage the production of melanin to provide you with vivid color.

Different Ways To Help You Enjoy Eating Cashews

Cashews are incredibly flexible, making them a common ingredient in dishes from around the globe. Here are a couple of the best ways to start eating these delicious nuts, from savory butter spreads to cashew-based desserts:

raw cashews

Cashew is a replacement for dairy.

Did you know that cashews make a perfect replacement for dairy products? Dairy-free cheeses can be made from some nuts, and cashews are one of the best types to use. Cashews can get used to creating a tasty cheese dip or a paleo cashew cheese block with their mild flavor.

Cashews can be used or mixed with sweet treats.

Cashew nuts, both as a topping and as a main ingredient, are widely used in desserts. For starters, by using cashew cream for a healthier dessert, you can create mouth-watering vegan caramels. Or you can ditch Nutella and make cashew butter with your milk chocolate instead. For your next office party, make these salted caramel cashew blondies, and you are sure to wow your colleagues.

Cashews can be roasted or coated with honey.

Cashews coated with honey are sure to hit the spot if you want your snacks to be sweet.  Cashew nuts from honey and coconut make a tasty, guilt-free snack that can get enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

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