Face-to-face marketing is important for several reasons.

Entrepreneurs and salespeople have begun to spend more and more time online as we approach an increasingly digital age that is increasingly focused on internet marketing. Customers can communicate with them through chat boxes, phone conversations, and facebook pages. The term “digital marketing” has become a buzzword. Cold calls and sales catalogues are becoming increasingly obsolete. Is this to say that face-to-face marketing is also a thing of the past? Certainly not! Having discussed why trade exhibitions are vital in a company’s marketing mix earlier this week, and trade shows are just one example of how face-to-face sales and marketing has thrived in 2018. Smart Circle International helps our clients achieve real growth by creating personalised marketing campaigns and connecting them with a large network of independent sales organisations that provide face-to-face marketing and sales services.

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The Mission of Smart Circle International

Methods that are not formal. It could be as simple as striking up a conversation with a stranger at the store and explaining what you do. It allows you to submit further information, such as a website address or business card, if desired. Plus, you haven’t actually “sold” anything; you’re simply taking advantage of a chance to educate an interested person about your company and the services or products you provide. Smart Circle International’s business approach allows clients to achieve their customer acquisition goals by connecting them with independent sales organizations with which Smart Circle has agreements.

Why is face-to-face marketing so important?

So, what is it about face-to-face sales and marketing that makes it such an important aspect of a business’s strategy? Face to face marketing is important because it allows your colleagues to build human connections with your customers, which is difficult to achieve in the digital marketing realm. Face-to-face sales and marketing are important because they allow your salespeople and service representatives to form social and emotional bonds with your consumers, which is difficult to achieve online. There’s nothing like knowing you’re speaking with a real person who has a personality. SCI, on the other hand, encourages and supports these independent sales enterprises in their efforts to expand their operations.

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