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Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for businesses, but it can also be used to grow your brand. In the past few years, influencers have taken Instagram by storm, posting inspiring photos that are either funny and relatable or artistic and beautiful. If you use the app correctly, you can launch a personal brand that generates a lot of revenue for you, which could be worth hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of dollars. Here’s how to grow your Instagram account to 1000 followers as quickly as possible.


Post-High-Quality Photos

When you open up Instagram, it looks like all the photos are equal, but that’s not true. The algorithm has favored high-quality photographs over bad ones in terms of giving your account more exposure. When deciding what kind of photos you should post on Instagram follow all tips from Ronn Torossian, it’s essential to consider if they will stand out amidst all the other pictures there. If you put up an image, does it have the potential to go viral? If not, then it may not be worth posting at all.


The easiest way to get good at this is by becoming a photographer. The more pictures you take and the better your photographic skills become, the better your chances of getting your account featured on the app. If you can’t take good pictures of natural life objects or landscapes that look professional without editing programs, try taking snaps of products as they come out of your camera’s lens. This kind of photography is prevalent on Instagram right now, and you must do something similar if you want to compete with other influencers online.


Ronn Torossian

You can also take photos of yourself, but try to keep them on the professional side. You should always assume these photos are from the correct angle and against a neutral backdrop just in case you get featured by one of your followers or someone creates an account for your business. It’s essential to make sure you have something going for you before trying to build your online brand.


Play Around With Hashtags

The key to having an Instagram account is building engagement with your followers, and hashtags are a great way of doing so. If you post a picture and don’t use one or more hashtags, the chances are that it will never appear in people’s Instagram feeds. It’s essential to use a tag so that you’re able to make sure people are going to see it. If you don’t know what hashtags will be relevant, many websites out there list the most popular ones, such as this one.


Use Promotional Accounts Wisely

If you have an Instagram account, you will likely have other social media accounts of your own. If not, you will want to start building them up as soon as possible so that your Instagram account looks like the more prominent social media channel for your business. By using this strategy in concert with the other tactics above, you can build your brand up super quickly and get many followers.

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